21 October 2016

#25Project Transformation 2: Ottawa, Canada!

This time last year we were busy planning the #25Project, so it's incredibly rewarding to see it all come together a year later!

Today I'm sharing the transformation of the lounge and kitchen of 215 Wurtemburg Street in Ottawa, Canada - one of the buildings that Ottawa Community House (OCH) operate to home 120 people. OCH is Ottawa's largest social housing provider and provides homes to over 32,000 people with special needs in the city. As a large non-profit organisation they often have to prioritise structural repairs and renovations over aesthetic changes to the building, so the space had been left looking very tired and dated, with scratched and damaged furniture.

Katrina Barclay, my Stockist at Malenka Orginals in Ottawa lead the project along with volunteers from OCH and 11 of her regular customers. (Two of these actually participated in Katrina's first ever Annie Sloan workshop, 4 years ago!)

Initial ideas were brought together at a meeting between Katrina and OCH, discussing the wants and needs of the people who use the space, and then, on 8th September the transformation began!

They kicked off the transformation with words of thanks and support from the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, who stressed the importance of giving back to, and caring for the community. After the speeches were done, the work got underway. One team started by painting the main area in Paris Grey, and another smaller team worked on painting the walls of the kitchen in Duck Egg Blue. Others painted the furniture which included an old radio cabinet, a book shelf and 3 small side tables, which were all a mis-match of brown woods. Don't they look brilliant now that they've been brought together with Aubusson Blue?

Before and after of the lounge
Before and after of the kitchen
They finished the transformation by hanging a couple of new additions to the wall which had been donated by Malenka Originals. The map of Ottawa-Gatineau from a local shop who specialises in handmade goods now takes the pride position above the newly painted radio cabinet.

Katrina wrote to me after the event to let me know that everyone that took part had a fulfilling and fun day, albeit quite tiring! And I'm glad to hear that everyone loves the new contemporary looking space. Haven't they done a fabulous job?

This is the second of 25 transformations, so watch this space to see further transformations as and when they come in. Follow the #25Project on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to watch the projects come together.

Yours, Annie

12 October 2016

Revealing my new book!

Over the past couple of months there has been excitement in the air as my book, Annie Sloan Paints Everything – once just a little idea in my head – has been transformed into a reality. From the moment I picked up a brush to start the first project right through to holding a physical copy in my hands, I’ve been waiting for this day. Finally my 26th book is here and exclusively available through Annie Sloan Stockists before landing in all good book stores from November.

If you’ve already pre-ordered your copy from your local Annie Sloan Stockist or you just want to know more about how this book came about, let me tell you how my most personal book to date came to be. Over the past year, as I’ve opened up my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I’ve seen a noticeable change in people's confidence with colour. As you may know, to me, colour is everything, so seeing a brighter and bolder colour palette rather than the restrained and mutes tones of the past inspired me greatly. With this book, I wanted to showcase just how easy it is to invite colour into your home.

‘Annie Sloan Paints Everything’ has 40 step-by-step projects, covering everything from walls, floors, lampshades, and curtains, to footstools, cabinets and even fruit bowls. As you can image, every single surface is different! In this book, you'll find me painting metal, plastic, glass, burlap, linen, veneer, canvas, dust sheets, even rope, like this shelf unit below. I want my book to clearly and precisely give you the tools and confidence to easily recreate or adapt each project to suit you.

I feel very proud of this book and the pictures, taken by my wonderful photographer Christopher Drake, who I’ve been working with for nearly ten years! Together with my team, we strived to make a book that hopefully shows you just how easy and enjoyable it is to fill your house with colour!

Make sure you join me as I go "on the road" with ‘Annie Sloan Paints Everything’ across the UK. On Thursday, I will be at my wonderful stockist shop The Marmalade House in Bath for a book singing, and then Saturday, I'll be popping in to The Painted Chair in Liverpool (a city that I think is in the middle of an interesting cultural explosion). On the 27th October, I will be back in Oxford at my own shop on the Cowley Road for a book signing. If you can make it to any of these places do come and say hello!

Have you got your copy of the book yet? Which project are you excited to tackle? Please let me know as I cannot wait to hear your feedback! Tag me using @anniesloanhome or #anniesloan so I can see your thoughts!

Yours, Annie

Annie Sloan Paints Everything is published by CICO Books (£14.99). Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books

3 October 2016

Simon Olsson's Provence Cabinet.

Blue in all of its beautiful manifestations is dominating interiors at the moment. From dazzling sapphire shades, to subtle sky blues, right down to more moody, inky tones, this versatile shade seems to be everywhere. I love that people are embracing this multi-faceted colour right now. I think one of the reasons is because its so adaptable to almost any style and mood.

My Painter in Residence, Simon Olsson, has adopted one of the blues in my Colour Palette, Provence, as his signature colour. It makes sense that he would have chosen one of my brightest tones as his style is so influenced by the bold jewel-like colours of India.

Simon uses Provence often in his work and one of the greatest examples is this cabinet. Simon chose to create a rustic, chippy finish to create a sense of history.


When Simon first came across this cabinet, he wanted to lighten the dark wood and yet still keep it close to its Indian roots – and so Provence was the perfect colour choice. To create texture he used my Pure Bristle Brush, moving in all directions and applying the paint thickly. When the paint had dried he used coarse sandpaper to chip away at the paint work, creating that beautiful worn away patina. To finish the look, he covered the whole piece in a fine coat of clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

What do you think of this look? Have you used Provence in a similar way? Show me by tagging me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #anniesloan or @anniesloanhome.

Yours, Annie

23 September 2016

#25Project Transformation 1: Germany!

I'm thrilled to share with you the first transformation from the #25Project! I have eagerly been  waiting for photos and stories to roll in from community centres and spaces that we have helped transform around the world, and this one from Germany is just fantastic. I feel very proud of my Stockist Vanessa Metz from Simply Vintage and my German Distributors Ulrike and Sonja for the hard work, expertise and dedication that they put in to create this wonderful transformation – and what a privilege for my paint and products!

Below are before pictures of the‘2gether’ Community Centre located in Ubstadt-Weiher, South Germany. The centre hosts many activities and events for all generations, including ‘Mother and Baby’ groups, breakdancing lessons and team afternoons for the elderly. Over the years, the interior of the space – although loved – became neglected and deteriorated. When it was nominated for a transformation, I knew that it would really benefit from a lick of paint or two!


I have to mention the fantastic work that Vanessa did in organising this transformation. Vanessa is wonderfully kooky and colourful (you never know what colour her hair is going to be next!) and she did an incredible job rallying the troops (in this case volunteers and other local stockists including Ulrike, Sonja and Horst). I can only imagine how exhausting it must have been painting away in that 32 degree heat! However, Vanessa’s buoyant smile, the sandwiches and snacks sponsored by a local baker, the lunch prepared by Ivonne who works at the centre and the fact that this was all for a good cause meant that the weekend long transformation flew by!

I love the way my stencils and fabrics are used in the space - and how great does the snooker table look painted? A palette of French Linen, Country Grey and Graphite with pops of warm colour has been used to create a sophisticated but welcoming space. Check out that brilliant skyline too, painted 5 years ago by local children, it was given a loving restoration.

This is the very first of 25 transformations – watch this space and I will share each and every transformation with you as they come in. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project, and can’t wait to share the next one with you very, very soon!

Follow #25Project on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to watch the projects come together.

Yours, Annie

13 September 2016

Floral Furniture Headdresses!

Let me share with you the second project from my unique Painter in Residence, Hanayuishi Takaya, another set of stunning headdresses that, in my opinion, are truly works of art.

What I love about Mr. Takaya’s work is that it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The response from his previous work, ‘Man with Koi’ was fascinating. When I started the Painters in Residence programme my aim was to share inspiring images which start a discussion, and all use my paints and products, of course. With Mr. Takaya’s work, it may not be something that is easily recreated at home, but it definitely makes me smile; his whimsical artistry and joyous creations fill me with a new sense of wonder.

For these pieces Mr Takaya has cleverly used doll’s house table's and chairs - a cheeky response to the fact that Chalk Paint® is predominantly used on furniture. For the table and chairs, Hanayuishi chose many of the brighter colours in my Colour Palette, such as Emperor’s Silk, Antibes Green and Provence, building the layers of paint before sanding back to create a distressed, rustic finish. The boldness of colour contrasts beautifully with the arrangement of flowers chosen, such as hydrangeas and pink scabious.
Mr Takaya is always conscious of the models he uses for his work, and with this he chose two children which really marries perfectly the theme of the whole piece.

What do you think of this latest work? I would again be intrigued to hear your thoughts.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but then again what a boring old world it would be if it was?

Yours, Annie

25 August 2016

Announcing the #25Project Winners!

From the day I announced the #25Project I have been overwhelmed with the response from Stockists and customers from across the globe, and now the time has finally come for me to reveal the winning 25 community spaces, nominated by you! It was one of the most difficult tasks to whittle down over 300 deserving nominations to just 25, however I am thrilled with the final selection. Each one is completely diverse in its use and size, however the one thread they all have in common, from the kids creche in South Africa to the specialised dementia centre in The Netherlands, is that they are an absolutely vital part of their communities. I feel honoured to be able to assist them in their transformations over the next year, and I cannot wait to share with you all the stories and photos of each deserving and special space.

And without further ado, here are my final 25!

1. ’Jugend und Familiezentrum’ GERMANY

A volunteer run family centre that offers counselling services to families, young and old.

2. ’Remember Us’ IRELAND

A social group offering activities and support for people with special needs.

3. ’Centrum Voor Wonen En Zorg Heerma’ - THE NETHERLANDS

Specialised care and housing for dementia patients.

4. ’Studio Artes’ AUSTRALIA

A unique organisation that provides tailor-made creative activities and life skills for adults living with a wide range of disabilities.

5. ’Lawrence House Hinckley’ ENGLAND

Provides a safe and secure environment for homeless young people.

6. ’Tea Room Chateau Rocher-Portail’ FRANCE

A listed building that is turning into a public access museum and community space.

7. ’Muscatine Centre for Social Action’ USA

Providing emergency and temporary shelter, basic health care, educational and support services for those in need.

8. ‘Centre for Mestring’ DENMARK

‘Centre for Coping’ offers rehabilitation, education, activity and support for adults with mental health issues.

9. ‘East End Studio Gallery’ USA

Community based non profit organisation whose mission is to provide a platform for artistic expression in the community.

10. ‘Public Library of Sindos’ GREECE

A public library that was a former private school donated to the people of Sindos for public use.

11. ’Raglan Village Hall Association’ WALES

An association that works to improve availability, quality and use of community spaces in Raglan.

12. ‘Ottawa Community Housing’ CANADA

Providing housing and shelter to people with special needs across many communities in the city of Ottawa.

13. Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative’ SCOTLAND

Community group dedicated to providing local children with clubs, activities, nursery and education.


A home from home to cancer patients receiving treatment and care.

15. ’19 Carter Community Centre’ USA

This old church space has been lovingly turned into a dedicated community space for the local neighbourhood.

16. ‘Culture House of Nagymaros’ HUNGARY

An historical community centre in the city of Nagymaros used by locals for decades.

17. ‘School for the Deaf’ TURKEY

Providing education and support for the hard of hearing.

18. ‘Beachlands Community Centre’ NEW ZEALAND

A thriving community hub in a friendly and welcoming setting providing art and craft classes for all tastes and skill levels.

19. ‘Public Psychological and Pedagogical Advisory’ POLAND

A public space offering support and healthcare in the city of Katowice.

20. ‘Inthandokazi Creche’ SOUTH AFRICA
Dedicated educational space for young children to learn and play.

21. ‘Specialised Day Centre’ GREECE

A space for people dealing with psychological issues in the community.

22. ‘Hindas Station’ SWEDEN

Culture centre for public use, which holds various activities such as art classes and theatre groups for children.

23. ‘Kubono Kids Agri-Garden’ JAPAN

A specialised learning centre for children, specifically focused on educational gardening and horticulture .

24. ‘Village Hall in Swiatniki Gore’ POLAND

After being left to ruin, this community space will now become a place for children and adults.

25. ‘Centro De dia San Fracisco’ SPAIN

A vital and thriving community space in the heart of Spain.

I think you’ll agree that each space is very deserving of a transformation, and along with the help of their local Annie Sloan Stockist, volunteers and my paint and products, these community buildings will remain a vastly important part of their neighbourhood.

Check back in with me to see the transformations unfold, I cannot wait to get started with each one of the 25 spaces, so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using #25Project.

Yours, Annie